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Put simply, it's a camera mounted on top of a 15m high pole. There is, of course, a bit more to it than that!

Aerial Camera thought long and hard about the technologies required for cost effective and reliable elevated photography.

We decided that custom building our own system would be the best solution and this is what we came up with:

The pole itself is telescopic and fabricated from aircraft grade aluminium. This means that it is not only very light, but also extremely strong. This pole is mounted in an aluminium tripod meaning that the whole system is portable, stable and easy to set up anywhere. As such, we can set up on a lawn (anywhere really - no vehicular access required), without having to drive over your flower-beds (unlike vehicle mounted systems).

The 8 mega-pixel Canon camera is remotely controlled via a pan and tilt head mounted on-top of the pole allowing for 360 degrees of rotation and 30 degrees of vertical panning. Images are then captured via a laptop which also controls features such as the zoom and exposure.

The whole system is transported in our trusty Mercedes estate and means we can be up and running in around 30-45 minutes.

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